Six issues you might be experiencing during your mobile mapping process.

Legacy software too complex

Your current data collection software is designed for surveying experts and hard to use.

Geolantis.360TM offers a user-friendly interface that encompasses all mapping capabilities while hiding the complexity of surveying, CAD and GIS.

Ineffective “as-built” process

Deadlines too long - 30 to 50 days on average - for delivery of as-built plans.

With Geolantis.360TM, you can collect and build maps instantly, sharing them with your office in seconds!

Existing maps not accessible

Most legacy software packages don’t allow access or manipulation of existing data.

Geolantis.360TM creates an ROI in months, not years, by delivering powerful & reliable solutions that transform the field into a data center.

Standalone tools

Field workers are not connected properly. This means extra manual time-consuming data exchange.

Geolantis.360TM works both online and offline, with synchronization automatically occurring with the web backend. In other words, a local spatial database on the mobile client allows full offline usage

Office post-processing

Lots of additional office work is needed to construct digital utility maps.

With Geolantis.360TM, synchronization is immediate between field workers and the backend. It's a matter of seconds for the collected data to be ready in the web portal.

Paper based “side notes”

Field users need to take notes on paper that needs to be post-processed.

With Geolantis.360TM you can create digital forms & checklists in minutes. All annotations will be standardized and stored in the cloud. This ensures paperless data collection. Furthermore, you´ll be able to take photos and annotate them. Embed timestamp and location into it.

5 reasons you should have
  1. The field workers were able to work after a short training
  2. The data capture process was simple and fast
  3. There was no additional work in the office required
  4. The captured data was accurate and could directly be used
  5. There was a time saving of at least 1 hour per field worker per day
Increased Data Quality
Increased Situational Awareness
Reduced Cost Savings
Reduced Risks Higher Safety
ROI in months, not years
User Friendly

Easily and fast to learn. No special knowledge necessary.

Cloud powered

No installation required. All data on all devices instantly.


Encrypted communication and data storage


No complexity. No knowledge needed on GIS, CAD or surveying.


Allow to map assets with a precision of centimeters

Offline mode

Database powered with offline mode. Fast data access.


A modern user-interface optimizes data collection speed

Base Maps

Offline base maps. Take the whole OSM database with you.

Feature class catalogue

Speed up data collection using our exclusive Feature Class Catalogue

Still not convinced?

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