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Geolantis.360 – Next generation cloud powered utility mapping & managing platform

Geolantis modular software solutions delivering GIS & CAD & Asset Management to mobile field crews. Faster workflows and higher quality of data is achieved.


Actual news and dates 

Optimization potential



Accelerating processes - seamless workflow



Intuitive and comfortable user interface for optimal workflows



Increases data quality based on defined catalogues and processes



More efficiency and speed in all areas

Smart solutions

User friendly

Easily and fast to learn - no special knowledge necessary

Cloud Option

No installation - instand start. All data on all devices.


Encrypted communication and encrypted data storage


Adjustment of system (object catalogues, etc.) can be managed by user


Geolantis takes a way complexity - no GIS-, CAD- or surveying knowledge needed


A modern UI optimizes data collection. Automated object creation.


Automated workflows and optimized operation to automize common tasks.


Geolantis takes care of data quality.


Well defined workflows ensure fast reach of targets.

What is Geolantis.360?

Geolantis.360 is a next generation platform for managing asset collection & – inspection. It’s a subscription & cloud based solution

What differentiates Geolantis from other solutions?

Geolantis combines functions from surveying, GIS,CAD and asset Management in a easy and simple user interface and making all of this mobile. It takes mobile data collection to a new level. It automates workflows and processes.

The difference in data collection

Geolantis is object oriented. Every asset is an object. Forget about coded coordinate lists or layers. Data acquired onsite can be directly used in GIS and CAD applications without any post-processing.

Offline mode

Data on mobile devices is stored in databases. A huge amount of data can be accessed fully offline. Geolantis offers a unique synchronisation algorithm.  Only changes are exchanged.


A single client or hundreds of mobile field workers. Geolantis ist fully scaleable. Data transfer and updates is automized

Cloud based

Geolantis is offered as a cloud based system. There is a private install option (“Private-Cloud”).

Who should use Geolantis?

Geolantis is intended for every organization who needs to manage and map assets. Pipe and cable network operators, utilities, contractors and many more.

It allows non professionals to map their assets in survey grade quality.

Open & Compatible

Geolantis allows to import and export data to several formats.

Geolantis operates on different operating systems.

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind ifavourable!

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca


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