Backoffice for configuration & analysis

Geolantis.MANAGER Project & data management

Commando central for configuration, data import & export

  • Project management
  • Projects can be grouped (years, customers, departments, etc.)
  • Management of object catalogs and forms
  • Device & User management
  • Data import, -analysis & -export
  • Analysis & Reports

Geolantis.MANAGER – Object catalogs

Comfortable management of object types, attribute list and forms

  • Manage categories (water, electricity, gas, telekomunikatios, etc..)
  • Object class management 
  • Form editor
  • Various attribute types (numeric, text, lists, date, auto number, etc..)
  • Management of object relations
  • Management of templates

Geolantis.MANAGER – Export

Export of data to various standard formats

  • Selective export of data as DXF, SHP, KML, CSV, etc.
  • Export of geometries and attributes
  • Attribute selection
  • Filter editor : Date, objekt type, user, etc.
  • Individual field selection 
  • Export inklusive Attributen



Acceleration of processes - continuous work flow



Intuitive and comfortable user interface



Improvement of data quality based on object catalogs and pick lists



Improve efficiency and speed

Easy, flexible and powerful!

Geolantis.MANAGER – Quality insurance

Check & Visualization of mapped data

  • Visualization of surveyed data
  • Several base maps: Orthophoto, OpenStreetMap, etc..
  • Analysis of measuring accuracy
  • Filter functions
  • Geocoding
  • Data check

Geolantis.MANAGER – Dashboard

Stay actual. Have overview of data collection process with maps, lists, and pie-charts

  • Dashboard-Designer & Dashboard-Viewer
  • Use all project’s data as data source
  • Link external datasources
  • Diagrams, pie charts, maps, etc.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Live data view

Geolantis.MANAGER – Report creator

Create good looking reports with ease

  • Integrated report editor.
  • Access to all data (forms, results,, photo)
  • Integrate external data sources (databases, Excel, …)
  • Several interface elements (Map, charts, photos)
  • Comfortable user interface / Templates are provided
  • Export to PDF, Word, Excel, etc.

With which database system Geolantis.MANAGER is compatible?

PostgreSQL (PostGIS), SQLITE, MS SQLServer, Geolantis.CLOUD

What is the term "project" means in Geolantis.MANAGER?

A “project” is a database with templates, object catalogs, settings and the data itself.

How the data transfer from and to the mobile client works?

There are four ways to bring data to the client and from the client to the office.

  1. Manual sync by copying manually the mobile database file
  2. Sync by connecting the mobile client to the computer running Geolantis.MANAGER
  3. Geolantis.CLOUD (hosted by Geolantis and it’s partners)
  4. Geolantis.SYNC Server. Full automated data transfer between all clients.
Which data can be imported?

A lot. Geolantis.MANAGER ist really flexible. Next to standard “Spatial”-data sources like GIS & CAD files and databases, data can be imported from systems like CRM & ERP.