Geolantis.360 MANAGER

Field force management solution

Worlds First Fully Integrated Cloud Based Solution To Manage Your Entire Mobile Workforce

Know What’s Happening Outside Your Office Walls!
All the maps, forms and tools your team needs to do their jobs.
All the dashboards, status updates and project management tools you need to do yours.

  • A web browser, a link to Geolantis.360 and your credentials are the only things you need to unlock the full potential of field force automation.
  • Manage all aspects of field jobs from one single interface. Control Mapping / surveying, cable locations, GPR surveys, inspections, audits, site surveys.
  • Manage users, access roles, mobile devices, projects, feature classes, mobile forms, workflows, resources and even your car park.
  • Don’t wait days, weeks or even months for updates. If a connection is available, syncing happens in real time.
  • Geolantis.360 is a next generation platform – a network feed into every construction project.

  • Legacy GIS applications stops mostly at ‘geographic’ levels as they do not integrate CAD or engineering precision. Geolantis.360 is a fully integrated solution.
  • Most legacy Asset management applications do not include GIS objects or CAD drawings. Geolantis.360 is an all-in-one next generation platform to take this into account.
  • Data acquired on site becomes instantly available and can be accessed by users anytime and anywhere. Leverage the full potential of the cloud.
  • Geolantis.360 shares data to all devices and users within your organization or beyond.
  • A powerful Rest-API allows to integrate Geolantis.360 into your Enterprise environment. It unlocks the full potential of automated workflows and seamless office to field communication.

Next generation collaboration platform

Revolutionizes Field Service and Remote Job Site Management

  • Import & Export with various industry standards
  • Verify, Analyze & Filter data created on site
  • Manage feature class catalogues
  • Create powerful mobile forms
  • Vizualize data on different background maps. Even integrates Google StreetView.
  • Forms with predefined attributes and pick lists for high data quality
  • Manage coordinates systems / transform




Screenshot of browser based cloud interface

Key Advantages


Improves efficiency of field based work

Cloud powered

No installation - instand start. The power of the cloud


Encrypted communication and encrypted data storage

No media breaks

Reduces media breaks 100%

Quality oriented

Significantly improves data quality


Data acquired on site becomes instantly available


Share data throughout the whole enterprise and beyond

Cost saver

Creates an ROI in months, not years

360° approach

Projects, Tasks and Maps from one central dashboard

Workflow accelerator



Rapid responce on reported incidents



Data is shared across the enterprise nearly in real-time



Seamless office <> field communications



Faster data collection - faster availability

Reduce data collection and field operation costs

Function set

Management & Configuration
  • Application

    • Browser based interface
    • Login
    • Logout
    • Change password
    • Manage users
    • Manage mobile logins
    • Manage qualifications
    • Manage locations
    • Manage roles
    • Manage devices
    • Manage ressources
    • Manage projects
    • Manage documents

  • Projects

    • Create projects
    • Delete projects
    • Archive projects
    • Select project type
    • Manage coordinate systems
    • Manage feature classes
    • Manage documents
    • Manage access rights
    • Manage project duration

  • Configuration

    • Manage project types
    • Manage custom fields
    • Manage ressource types
    • Manage translation
    • Manage forms
    • Manage check lists
    • Manage task types


    • Manage mobile client settings

Map & Navigation
  • Map

    • Zoom in / out
    • Zoom to location
    • Zoom to project bounds
    • Pinch / Zoom
    • Pan
    • Auto follow location
    • Switch layers / layer categories
    • Change background map

  • Object selection

    • Select object(s)
    • Object list
    • Filter objects
    • Search objects
    • Object attributes
    • Edit attributes
    • Delete objects
    • Measure object

  • Functions

    • Measure distances
    • Measures distance to location
    • Stake-Out
    • Navigate to object
    • GNSS accuracy
    • Latitude  / Longitude
    • X / Y / Altitude
    • Speed / Bearing
    • Satellites

Mapping & Surveying
  • Mapping / Surveying

    • Classify features
    • Map point features
    • Map line features
    • Map area features
    • Map point features while in line mode
    • Move nodes
    • Change object categories
    • Construct features
    • Place feature manually
    • Attach photos to features
    • Edit photo / Mark photo
    • Delete object
    • Continue line feature
    • Change feature class

  • Cable locator integration

    • Remote control mapping from locator
    • Map line object & locator point
    • Acoustic signal for succesful mapping
    • Acoustic signal for user interaction
    • Attach locator meta data (depending on locator type)
    • e.g. Depth, frequency, signal strength, direction,..

  • Attribute form types

    • Textbox
    • ComboBox
    • ListBox
    • +/- Picker
    • Barcode
    • NFC
    • Image
    • Date
    • Date/Time
    • Duration
    • E-Mail
    • Employee
    • Logical value (yes/no)
    • Number (decimal)
    • Number (integer)
    • Phone number
    • Pick list
    • Textbox (Memo)
    • Options for all fields
      • Mandatory field
      • Hidden on client