Geolantis.360 COLLECTOR

Smart mapping software for Android

Cloud powered data collection software.
The simple & intuitive new generation field application

So simplistic, it will become your indispensable tool.  So accurate, you will always be sure. So productive, it will change your workday. Geolantis.360 is the tool of choice for data collection.

User friendly

Easily and fast to learn - no special knowledge necessary

Cloud powered

No installation - instant start. All data on all devices


Encrypted communication and encrypted data storage

Offline mode

Database powered offline mode with fast data access


Geolantis takes a way complexity - no GIS-, CAD- or surveying knowledge needed


A modern UI optimizes data collection speed.

Base maps

Offline base maps. Take the whole OSM dataset with you.


Geolantis takes care of data quality.

Feature class catalog

Easy and fast selection of feature classes.

Next generation data collection application

Easy, fast & accurate. The game changer in data collection

  • Running on Android Smartphones & Tablets
  • Easy mapping / surveying of  assets
  • Select feature classes out of lists (set in Geolantis.360 Manager)
  • Comfortable attribute forms for fast data entry and higher data quality
  • Immediate visualization on map
  • Forms with predefined attributes and pick lists for high data quality
  • Stores several meta data values to each measured coordinate
  • Direct check of mapping result in map window. What you see is what you get.




Screenshots taken on Leica Zeno 20.

Key Advantages

  • Collect data based on the data structure defined in Geolantis.360 web management interface. No struggle to define feature classes and attribute lists on small screens.
  • Measure multiple features with only a single measurement. This saves time and assures topologic requirements.
  • Based on the database powered mobile data storage you can fully work offline. The sophisticated algorithm ensures to synchronize only differential data with the Server.
  • Automatic updates brings new functionality and improvements on Geolantis.360 over-the-air. The app notifies if there is an update available.
  • Creates an ROI in months, not years, by delivering powerful, reliable solutions that transform the field into a business center.

  • Make sure your measured data always matches your quality expectations (up to centimeters with RTK) as Geolantis.360 notifications steadily monitor the system parameters. All quality parameters are stored as meta data.
  • Geolantis.360 touch optimized user interface let’s you interact with your data in an interactive way. A new approach in surveying applications.
  • Syncs data automatically to Geolantis.360 CLOUD interface and with all other Geolantis.360 mobile clients within the enterprise. Export data from any web-browser.
  • Encompasses all map viewing and navigation capabilities while hiding the complexity of GIS and CAD systems to provide the same level of detail to mobile users

  • Allows field workers to concentrate on their tasks and not on technical issues. Roll out the system with minimal training time and costs.

Field performance optimization



Acceleration of mapping



Intuitive and comfortable user interface for optimal workflow



Improvement of data quality



All data visible - better decisions

Easy, flexible and powerful!

Function set

Management & Configuration
  • Application

    •  Login
    • Logout
    • Check for update
    • Update
    • Delete app data
    • Close app

  • Data & Projects

    • Synchronize with CLOUD / SERVER
    • Open / switch projects
    • Show projects on map
    • Search for projects
    • Chat with other clients

  • Configuration

    • Connect to internal GNSS
    • Bluetooth pairing to external GNSS
    • Bluetooth pairing to Cable Locator
    • Un-pair GNSS / Cable Locator
    • Disconnect Cable Locator
    • Background map type
    • Background map transparency
    • Pole height
    • GNSS quality restriction (* set on web interface)

Map & Navigation
  • Map

    • Zoom in / out
    • Zoom to location
    • Zoom to project bounds
    • Pinch / Zoom
    • Pan
    • Auto follow location
    • Switch layers / layer categories
    • Change background map

  • Object selection

    • Select object(s)
    • Object list
    • Filter objects
    • Search objects
    • Object attributes
    • Edit attributes
    • Delete objects
    • Measure object

  • Functions

    • Measure distances
    • Measures distance to location
    • Stake-Out
    • Navigate to object
    • GNSS accuracy
    • Latitude  / Longitude
    • X / Y / Altitude
    • Speed / Bearing
    • Satellites

Mapping & Surveying
  • Mapping / Surveying

    • Classify features
    • Map point features
    • Map line features
    • Map area features
    • Map point features while in line mode
    • Move nodes
    • Change object categories
    • Construct features
    • Place feature manually
    • Attach photos to features
    • Edit photo / Mark photo
    • Delete object
    • Continue line feature
    • Change feature class

  • Cable locator integration

    • Remote control mapping from locator
    • Map line object & locator point
    • Acoustic signal for succesful mapping
    • Acoustic signal for user interaction
    • Attach locator meta data (depending on locator type)
    • e.g. Depth, frequency, signal strength, direction,..

  • Attribute form types

    • Textbox
    • ComboBox
    • ListBox
    • +/- Picker
    • Barcode
    • NFC
    • Image
    • Date
    • Date/Time
    • Duration
    • E-Mail
    • Employee
    • Logical value (yes/no)
    • Number (decimal)
    • Number (integer)
    • Phone number
    • Pick list
    • Textbox (Memo)
    • Options for all fields
      • Mandatory field
      • Hidden on client